Make More Time for Your Passion

Are you a small business owner looking for more time to create?

I’m here to to help.


I’m Marla Dawn Holt, a freelance writer for hire. I create content inspired by your work so you can get back to doing what you love.

My Content Is:

  • Unique to you
  • Engaging
  • Search Engine Friendly

I have more than ten years experience in specialty retail. I have sold my handmade goods in etsy shops, in farmers markets and in brick and mortar stores. I also have more than four years experience as a retail buyer.

I know how to:

  • Create copy that sells
  • Craft an engaging backstory
  • Create content for your blog that grows a community
  • Develop a newsletter that converts
  • Brand product to sell

I am mother to three little guys ranging in age from just born to 10 years old. When I am not writing for you or corralling them, I am throwing my energy into making soap and writing novels.

I know how important every second is to building a successful business.

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During my time as a retail buyer, I coached small, creative business owners on how to:

  • develop their branding
  • become more visible online
  • write line sheets and wholesale copy

Together we can create quality content for your business

A Little More About Me

  • Once upon a time I taught knitting classes and was known for dyeing brightly colored sock yarn.
  • I’d love to have pink hair, but have never had the guts to follow through, because I also love my natural hair color.
  • I love pretty shoes, but prefer to go barefoot whenever I can.

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