Five Tips for Making Sales on Etsy


Whether you sell paintings or pillows, getting your work noticed in a crowded market place can be rough. Your product deserves to be seen. These five tips will help your work not only be seen, but sold.

  1. Practice Your Photography. Clear, high-quality product photos will attract quick attention. Even better, if you take time to style your product, you can give the shopper an idea of how they could use it. Show a scarf paired with a cute coat, a throw over the back of a modern sofa, a platter in use on a table set for a dinner party.
  2. Use Keywords in Your Product Title. While you might call your product “Nancy’s Tooth Tonic” on your line sheet (what a great name!), you would do better titling your product, “Handcrafted Herbal Organic Vegan Toothpaste -Peppermint – Natural Tooth Care” These are all terms that someone who is searching for a product like yours my search for on Etsy. Unless someone is already familiar with that specific product, they aren’t going to know to search for “Nancy’s Tooth Tonic,” but they will know what sort of product they are looking for in general. Instead, make sure you use your product name in the description and incluse a photgraph of the label.
  3. Take the Time to Edit All Aspects of Your Storefront. Not only should you make sure you have your shop policies all squared away before start selling, Etsy has recently revamped their storefronts. You can add video of your process, photos of your studio, and write a short bio. Make sure your banner represents your brand and your social media contacts are all up to date. Completing each category helps shoppers feel more connected with you as a shop owner. Part of the reason consumers shop on Etsy is to buy something with a unique backstory, so give it to them.
  4. Use the Shop Updates Feature. This is a relatively new feature that gives shoppers a reason to open the Etsy app and browse like you might on Instagram. You take a photo of what you’re working on or a product you just listed with the Sell on Etsy app. The photo shows up in the regular Etsy app, and if the shopper likes it, they can buy it right then and there. It’s the perfect marriage of connecting with the customer and impulse buying.
  5. Promote Your Product Off Etsy. Since you have outstanding product photos, use apps like instagram and pinterest to promote your products to a wider audience and drive traffic back to your Etsy site.

Have more tips? Has something been working great for you? Share it in the comments!